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ICT Experts

Information System has become a very important factor in the success of an enterprise. Yet it is also one of its major cost centers. The dilemma remains: “How to reduce Information System costs, while maintaining high quality of services?”

Enterprises should be able to differentiate between the continuous efforts needed to run Information System and the limited efforts needed to build it or acquire it.

Building or Acquiring a System is a temporary task that must be done whenever a clear need is present. Therefore external consultant experts are more required than permanent employees.

Building or acquiring Information Systems is a very complex job that involves many experts. To name few:
 ICT General Consultant System Integrator Project Manager
 Enterprise Architect Business Analyst Requirement Engineer
 System Architect Network Designer Database Designer
 Documentation Writer Quality Engineer Security Specialist 
 Products Experts ICT Audit and Assessment Training and more

Project success depends on your right choice of experts:
  • When adopting a ready-made package, system experts can assist in the selection process;
  • When implementing a solution, system integrator are of a great help;
  • When building a tailored system experts can assist in each and every single step.
Freelancium has created a pool of ICT consultants and is looking to help Enterprises choosing the experts they need.

All our Consultants have several years of proven experience and are experts in their field of work.