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Business Consultants

Today the Enterprise is considered as a group of related processes aimed to achieve a clearly defined strategy. Those processes can be classified as Continuous/Repetitive Processes or Unique/Occasional Processes.

Differentiating between the two classes is a crucial factor for Management and Financial Control.

Unique/Occasional Processes exist when temporary needs are present. They will disappear when the needs are satisfied. Therefore external consultant experts may be required instead of permanent employees.

Common activities that can be considered as Unique or Occasional includes:
 Project Management Marketing Studies HR Consultancy
 Business Reengineering Quality Management  Training & More 

Your Business success depends on the right choice of experts:
  • Project Managers are needed when managing time limited activities;
  • Marketing experts definitely help in launching new products.
  • Business Reengineering Consultant can guide when internally reorganizing the Enterprise.
  • Quality Specialists are of a must when implementing Quality Management Systems.
FreeLancium has created a pool of Business consultants and is looking to help Enterprises choosing the experts they need.

All our Consultants have several years of proven experience and are experts in their field of work.